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Laptop & Coffee

The Wandering Company is the developer of a technological system for location based interactive learning using mobile instruments. Our system allows independent construction of content and the management of a wide variety of applications, interactive maps, guidance and digital games. These applications are used in museums and in visitors’ centers, in Israel and around the world, to create a touristic-educational experience for random audiences and for organized groups of different ages and abilities. The technological platform allows museums/national parks to develop content and to present it through different game tracks according to their need, to information systems that they want to transmit, to their target audience, etc.

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The principal challenge that the system meets is the depth of the experience.  This experience is suited to the profile of the visitor, by building a personal visitor’s path, by presenting unique messages to different kinds of visitors and on different strata: informational, visual, social, interactive, operational, games, etc. The system enables transition from the layers of unique knowledge that are already exposed on site, to the layers exposed by games and creativity using physical, society and technological contexts. This creates a very enjoyable and innovative enrichment of knowledge for the visitors and the participants.

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