Location based interactive learning

Engaging people with places  while creating socially active games and experiences using mobile web




We provide students in k12 and colleges the opportunity to create engaging and authentic content that can also be gamified. Student linguistic, social and technological skills improve while creating gamified content in art , science and humanities for the benefit of their communities.


Wandering turns traditional maps , guides and audio guides into engaging content. With easy to edit , web based , interfaces cities, parks and museums can make their content relevant to tourists, families and groups.

Featured projects

Eretz Israel Museum

MUZA- for the recent 4 years we have been implementing our concept in all museum aspects. The  highlight is the  Museum Run materialization

Tel- Aviv


Tel Aviv, the smart city, is the place we connect education, culture and tourism by providing integrative infrastructure to the entire educational system, major museums and municipal tourism

Sakhnin college

training teachers with advanced civicscience environment is  part of expertise in providing 400 educational systems with contextualized learning and research skills environment



Lechi st. 5 Ramat Hasharon Israel

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